Wednesday Wanderings Blogword No. 28: Most

EQ’s 1st snow! :D

Most Wanted: Ammi & Eeqaan Hasan Saeed

As most of you would know my mother’s been in US since June, as the bloody fucking amreekans decided to do the longest fucking background check on my brother-in-law [who had been living legally in US for 14 years!] after giving him the visa and deciding to keep the passport till everything’s fucking clear! Since my sister couldn’t fly alone to US, my mother decided to go for a month or two or until my bro-in-law gets his passport.

It’s been 6 months. My sister popped out a little EQ [mashaAllah.mashaAllah.] on 9th October, 2006. My bro-in-law joined an airline in Karachi and started flying. Little EQ has started talking on the phone in a language only a Khaala would understand! :)

So… now… will it be most ridiculous on my part to wish that those people who are responsible for my bro-in-law’s passport delivery/background check don’t get to see the birth of their own baby just like my bro-in-law was deprived of seeing his own son being delivered? Plus, the fact that he’s missing out on seeing his little one grow up.

And I want to throw a fit right about now and get my Ammi back! :(

Wednesday Wanderings Blogword No. 28: Most

Wednesday Wanderings Blogword No 27: Past

It was just a few years back when Abbu narrated the following story-

Once my grandfather hid the car battery before leaving the house [or maybe the city as my grandparents spent a lot of time in Sukkur] in order to keep Abbu away from the car! There might have been several reasons for this decision including the number of times my father had been in accidents to just generally trying to keep him at home and out of trouble! Abbu being Abbu- decided to locate the battery! 

As luck would have it- he had once read an ‘inspirational’ Twain story…

There was a crowd of people looking all worried and standing by the road. Twain asked the men the reason of their worried looks and was told about a lost horse that no one was being able to find. Twain smiled and closed his eyes for a minute. Excused himself from the crowd and in just a few minutes walked back with the horse. The crowd gasped! Asked Twain about how he managed to find the horse in such little time when so many people were unable to! Twain replied, “It was simple. I closed my eyes and thought that if I was the horse, where would I go…!

In retrospect- Abbu closed his eyes. Thought of that one place where he would hide the battery had he been his own father.

Opened his eyes. Smiled. Got a stool and opened the top cabinet in the kitchen and voila… the car battery was waiting to be picked up and installed! ;) 

That was a story from the past.

Around 40 or so years later- yours truly gets grounded alongwith M. Our cell phones are taken away from us and hidden.

As AmmiAbbu leave for a dinner. M and I are majorly bored. My fingers are dying to write those 20thousand smses! I look at M and repeat the past- “If I was my own father. Where would I hide my cell phone?”

I smile. Go to Abbu’s cupboard and reach for the extreme back side. Struggle a little. Feel my cell phone against the tip of my fingers.

The rest as you know… is the past.


Wednesday Wanderings Blogword No 27: Past

AmeanJ’s e-exhi opens- today!

A word or two from the man himself…

“Please do forward to all who may enjoy an electronic show,
and do share your comments in the guest book, would highly appreciate it’

hope you enjoy the show'” – AmeanJ.

AmeanJ’s e-exhi opens- today!

“we love josh”

We Love Josh - Espresso! :)

It was the 5:00am phone call slash sms on the 12th that announced the arrival of JoShBMN being a sister concern of Radio1 and the record label that released their latest album ‘Mausam‘ in Pakistan, we had to host the band during their stay. They had flown down to shoot their second video [title track] of the record with Umar Anwar.

This time ’round I tried to excuse myself from the duty of baby sitting the band as Kara was enough to keep me occupied and I did not want to disappoint the bossette or the boys. However, decided to meetup with them for dinner at their favorite ‘chickna’ spot Nando’s. It was only then that the band found out that I happen to be Director Sahib’s close friend! Everyone had already eaten by the time I got there so a quick lemonade later we decided to take them Espresso-ing for ‘meetha’. The ‘we love josh’ message and Rup’s ‘portrait’ was just the perfect start of many kodak moments to follow.  

The next few days were full of crazy texts, coordinations, mad phone calls and stuff that need not go public! ;) Plus, an order to be at the shoot come rain, snow or Kara! The fact that Umar never ‘allowed’ me to be at his shoots, I thought this was a great chance for me to finally see the genius at work. 

The shoot itself: wow. I have had the chance of watching a few of the mainstream music video directors shooting but had never seen Umar working. The fact that I am always talking highly of him and sound ridiculously biased mostly, my opinion doesn’t really count but the fact that the band loved the experience and called it ‘their best production ever’ says a lot! :) It was most accurate and funny when I told Umar that “he should see himself working cause he’d be fucking impressed!” The most smooth and in-control shoot and the band looked great!

Warning: MTV caught me for an interview and I know that I’d look like a stupid ass who can’t even make proper sentences while on tv! What else do you expect if the call time of the shoot is 6:00am and you haven’t slept in a week due to work and KaraFilmFest!? Plus, I’d be plastered all over the makings of the video shot by 3 channels. Eventually my family will disown me and I will be kicked out of the house.

Things I do for other famous people. ;)

I am/was too tired to attend the closing ceremony of Kara.


I am smiling since yesterday at ‘nothings’ in particular. :)   

“we love josh”



 They say a dog starts lookin’ like the owner after a while.

And the husband and wife look like cousins on their 25th anniversary.

I pray and wish to spend enough time with my ‘gang’ to start lookin’ like them too.

Happy 21st Heewa.

I am blessed because I know you all. :)



At the Kara HeadQuarters [Day 0 to Day 5]

6th KaraFilm Festival

The KaraFilmFestival has become the premier international film festival in Pakistan. And I am delighted to be one of the volunteers at the sixth episode of the event!

The freezing opening night at Mohatta Palace on the 7th must’ve seen a few useless speeches at the start of the show including some jokes by Omer Shariff. I personally decided to make my appearance fashionably late [after a nice dinner at Roasters and some couching at a friend’s!] since I didn’t want to be caught dead walking the red carpet! ;) Needless to say, I was wearing my usual 4 or-so year old jeans, an old t-shirt and my ‘uniform Nike winter jacket’ that various friends have gotten sick of and which M made me change with my new leather one. As unlucky as I could manage to get- the bag with my ‘uniform Nike jacket’ got stolen that night but as luck would have it, I saved my leather one!

Must mention: hats and clothes off to Meera for sporting a freakin’ sleeveless on a night when people were passing out due to the chill factor! The grapevine says that our very own Lolly-Saima was to escort and accompany Mahesh Bhatt [a regular at Kara] on the red carpet but due to a last minute emergency she declined and/or couldn’t make it. Meera was called and voila- the nice person that she is, she couldn’t say no… ;)

The Mekaal Hasan Band performed a nicely played but a rather predictable set-list on the night to formally launch the Film Fest from the next day onwards. 

With a crazy work schedule and deadlines that need to be met before death meets me due to work pressure, it’s amazing that I am even being able to manage ‘Kara-ing’ post-work! I salute myself and methinks that this is the perfect time to reveal my new year resolution: say no to corporate whoreness! Amen [x100000] :) My heart reaches out to Khizzy who has a different story to tell…

At the Kara HeadQuarters- there are a bunch of crazy, young, mad, exciting folks- coming together and selling tickets, becoming ‘security’, checking bags, marketing mugs, daring girls to walk across to the petrol pump and getting ‘khulla‘ [change] for 1000 bucks [a minute after the boy is refused the change, a girl gets it! fuck gender discrimination!], eating biryani and sharing spoons, walking up and running down, and just a lot of mad crazy moments in the love of Karachi, culture and movies.  

Irony was sitting on the floor and watching a movie. Then standing at the back of the auditorium as ‘part’ of the Kara Team and applauding at the sold-out show of Khosla Ka Ghosla on Day 3 of the Fest. Getting gooseflesh when the writer and the producer were given a standing ovation and falling in love with each and every person in the auditorium at that point.

Other than Khosla Ka Ghosla I have so-far managed to watch a few shorts that include- Chaan Aein Maani (Moon And Meal); Hobout; Open DoorsIntimos (Intimates); and From Dust a documentary by the very friendly Dhruv Dhawan.

Tough luck for not being able to be a part of the audience because as much as I would love to watch all the Shorts, Prime Time and Gala Screenings- I won’t be able to. Just like tonight’s screening of Road To Guantanamo was a house-‘too’-full! The auditorium got filled beyond capacity and movie lovers kept pouring in and begging to be allowed to watch the screening of the feature film even while standing or sitting on the floor! The love shown for the movie tonight was way beyond words. And that applause was ‘enlightened fucking moderation’! 

On this chilly night in Karachi… by having the very young Khan Sahib entertain us by singing Faiz Sahib was possibly the only perfect way to end the day with a thousand smiles… :) 

At the Kara HeadQuarters [Day 0 to Day 5]

Chandni Raatain…

The air has that winter smell in it, the chand hasn’t looked this good in a while, and the empty house has that feeling… of wanting to snuggle up and get cozy against the dark, warm, cold night. The only light that’s available is tinkling down the staircase. And the heart is stirring with the beginnings of this joyous moment. There’s no plotting. There’s no planning. There’s only an effort in trying to figure out how it can all be squeezed in. 

The cold shriveled the nostrils and the body shivered every 5 seconds, but the smell had a physical presence that was almost enough to make one want to hold it and pour it in an air-tight jar. If only the world will relax a bit and generally slow down to prolong the experience…

Chandni Raatain…