Wednesday Wanderings Blogword No. 32: Inside.

What goes on inside…

the mind of a suicide bomber, a prostitute, a best-selling author, A. R. Rehman, animators, the editor of Rolling Stone, the makers of the Family Guy, Bill Gates when he’s taking a dump and Bjork when she’s picking her nose?

And so many more minds and what goes on inside ’em… who knows? 

Wednesday Wanderings Blogword No. 32: Inside.

a little ‘more’ conversation

Almost everyday- I have a conversation where someone or the other says something that inspires me to think, react, realize and so on.

I’d like to remember and record some of these ‘talks’.  

Following is a one sided convo with a friend… Om.

You try and do what comes to YOUR mind most of the time because you think that mostly, your own decisions will favor you and I hope they do.

Its never harmful to give something a shot when you’re not totally sure of it but the person you’re doing it with/for may make him/her happy by changing your thinking about it.

If you start letting go a bit, life for you would have more color.

Everything in this world should not be assessed on the platform of ‘sense’!

a little ‘more’ conversation

Of visits, resort-like weather & resolutions!

It’s quarter to eight. I just got to work from the airport. And today’s one of the loveliest mornings ever! The kind to step out on the front porch, retrieve the papers and take in the air. The weather is almost ‘resort-like’! *insert a ‘happy’ sigh’*

The last few days that bluecheese was visiting me from Lahore were great! It was all about – the ‘Blogger Convention‘ that saw the ‘URL Faces’, the Zak-ulous evening with samosaas that followed, a reality check that Time-man doesn’t love me ‘as much’, the wanna-go beach trip, the random forumness and the good three or more hours at Espresso, the Puma ‘moment’ and the freezing night when I refused to believe that blue’s from Lahore cause she was freezing in Karachi winters’, the Arizona lunch where they almost threw us out and then back to Espresso’, sex deprived palmist uncle who predicted tons of psycho stuff such as- I will feature in a ‘drama’ in 2007!, a night spent at Lala’s with qawaali and a news that shocked us all [may all goes well. Amen.] and an overall ‘happy’ time!

’tis true that Karachi looks the most gorgeous in the mornings’ and hence my new [year] resolution- leave home at 7:00am for work! :)    

I do hope the weather cooperates tomorrow.

I am happy. And I wish the same for you! :)

Of visits, resort-like weather & resolutions!