Attack on Geo TV in Islamabad

Press Release Issued by Pakistan Broadcasters Association

Pakistan Broadcasters Association strongly condemns the unprovoked and unwarranted attack on the offices of Geo Television Network in Islamabad and mishandling of journalists and staff members who were present there on Friday March 16. 

A PBA Press release issued on Friday, March 16, 2007 says that such a heinous attack was unprecedented in the 60 years history of Pakistan where enforcers of law (sic) Punjab Police went on a rampage inside the offices of a media organization.

In order to curtail the media coverage various Governmental functionaries have been misinterpreting advise on in-camera proceedings, from the Supreme Judicial Council, restricting live coverage and visuals of happenings outside the Council hearing the presidential reference against the Chief Justice of Pakistan, said PBA.
PBA members called upon the Government to fulfill its responsibility of protecting life and property of the citizens and punish those responsible for this dastardly act. 

As I stepped out of office for a nice cuppa chai, I am bombarded by raw footage of Police invading the Geo News office in Islamabd being aired by Geo TV and later by other media channels. My first reaction was to call Abbu and see if everything is okay which it was/is clearly not. It was most frustrating to not be able to get through and when he finally picked up he said: “In an emergency meeting!” and hung-up. An hour later after receiving the Press Release from PBA and calling all Geo friends/contacts and getting the inside news I am still freaking out cause I know it can only get more [?] worse from here. If that’s even possible!

But really… God, where are You?

Attack on Geo TV in Islamabad

stick stock stuck stack!

Now that she’s here for good, Annie Baji just sent me her new number in sms.

my reply: so, how about you tell me 5 simple ways to come back home since i am stuck at work.

her reply: 1. bus, 2. rickshaw, 3. cab, 4. cycle, 5. foot

And I get this for entertaining the kid while they were out shopping?

I am SO glad she’s back. And I really don’t know how I am going home today.

stick stock stuck stack!