Shine on me…

 Margalla Towers

Ufffo. I just really dislike people who’re in denial and not willing to move on. It’s such a sissy thing! I also confess being one of those people myself but having learnt my lesson the hardest way, I am right on track now Allah ka shukar!

I went to Islamabad around a month back for a cousin’s shaadi! Now, all 30 or so madddd happy people were in a shaadi guest-house together! It was crazy! I can go into details but they’d be pretty useless for those reading so I’d spare you this one time… ;)

Fast forward: knowing me and my tricks and my pre-plans of meeting all my Isloo friends, my family was keeping a strict check on all things: “me”and making sure I stay inside the madddd shaadi guest-house! I was loving the attention but truly dying to step out! Wanted to meet all my friends based outta Isloo from my previous job and just so many other people! None of that seemed possible. However, I still wanted to visit the Margalla Towers and say my own little prayer for those who left without any warnings or signs. The earthquake still haunts me and so does the fact that a friend passed away under that rubble. I had to make sure I sneak out for this one! And I did. I had goosebumps as we approached the site and I could see the towers from a distance. I could see groups of boys standing there and seemingly going on with their lives… or maybe discussing how one of those apartments had their loved one inside unaware of what was about to happen…! I think I broke down at some point from inside. One thing that I must mention here is how there was a sense of calm… and sukoon in literal terms! May Allah Mian bless everyone and keep the nagahani aafaats at bay! Amen. 

However- not being able to stay there for too long we decided to go back and get ready for Mehendi the same night. At some point I made my parents take a U-turn and insisted on meeting one person… mercury!

Quick sms-es and a few phone calls later, I was hugging the pretty one! ;) (Saphiya, be jealoussss!) I remember how all the bloggers and generally the whole nation had come together in October ’05. Nonetheless, I am just amazed at how a few of us have come so close during the last few years that we’ve gotten acquainted via blogs! It was funny how she had chai and everything all ready by the time I got to her house! All in all: 5 minutes! Bonded as fast as we could and bid farewell an hour later! Thanks yo’! :)

This one’s a random post of its own kind.      

Shine on me…