it’s raining babies!

So far…

Baji is having the ‘other’ one – due Feb, InshaAllah! :D

Bajjo’s ‘other’ one and Sheroo’s 24/7 playmate arriving in december! :D

M of M&M is a watermelon, MashaAllah! :D

N&N are popping out in April, InshaAllah! :D

B&W are ‘apparently’ expecting! :D

Got some cool maternity wearable stuff yesterday, available at CrossRoads [Forum] and invested in some liberty ‘gift’ vouchers for moms-to-be!

5 times Khala! Woohoo! :)

it’s raining babies!

mini is huge…


… in SO many more ways than you can imagine! A mini can do biiiig things! Big smiiiiiles. Big loooove. Big everythiiing! :D

My first reaction to the news was that of a slight shock! As my friend’s build is the funniest aspect in this whole equation! You see, the dude is over six feet tall and so he naturally has long legs. I wonder how a tall man will look in his ‘little’ stylish car! ;)

Apart from all the attention, looks and other such ‘celebrity’ stuff that comes with it, a mini cooper is just the car that one needs to buy living in a city like Karachi considering the few and precious parking spaces which the city has to offer! ;) I do wonder if I’ll be lucky enuff to get a pick-up from I.I.Chundrigar Road? :) Or even if my own first car should be a mini? How funky will that be uh?

Mubaraks muchos to the owner sahib! :)

Warning: Only hottt passengers allowed! ;)

mini is huge…


“Abbu. Ammi. Baji. Bhaijaan. Bhai. To-be-Bhabi. Madiha…

… and now, myself!”

in the “UFone Family”!

Tata Mobilink. Our relationship was nice while it lasted and I’ll remember the good times! 

Hello Ufone. Here’s to you… cheers!