another conversation, another question!

Question: If given a chance who would you want to spend a week with? Celebrity? Someone you know? Acquaintance? Anyone? But one entire week! In and out!

My initial reply was a predicted answer.

My next reaction was to ask for a day and think about that one person I’d like to be with for a week! I mean I had to think of the one person that I’d be eating with, talking to, walking with, sharing the bed with in case there was a cute man involved, etc. So while I thought and thought some more. I asked my friend the same question she asked me! 

Her response was more than just interesting. – M. Or Arjun Rampal. 

At some level – Arjun Rampal makes sense. But why M?

It turns out that M has always always intrigued her. Her way of living, working, socialising. This zeal. Persona! And she wished she knew her better. As she doesn’t know her at all.

I also know M – very little, almost strangers to each other save a few common friends. And she does have this ‘thing’ about her. In fact taking things to the next level – I think I am to an extent impressed and almost wow-ed by her. And she’s totally over-whelming.

It’s also very strange to have almost the same opinion about one person that we had never discussed before. Someone we both know but don’t know at all at the same time… I’d love to know what people say about me behind my back on a msn window! You can leave annonymous comments to let me know! :)  

In short: I think I’d like to spend a week with the friend that I was chatting with and M. Its almost like standing in a shopping mall – people watching and wanting to strike up a conversation with a total stranger that you think you’d hit it off with. The possibilities are endless and the fun is waiting to be had.

It’s K & M today. It could be someone else tomorrow. But doesn’t the thought – of spending a whole week with a person of your choice – turn you on? Would you like to spend a week with me? Haha! But really… what would your answer be?

another conversation, another question!

grey’s anatomy – at work.

The title of the post is self-explanatory.

I have a TV at work and I am paid to watch it amongst other job responsibilities. 

I am lately watching Grey’s Anatomy and trying to see why people love it and are addicted to it.

Just now a kissing scene ‘took-place’! So instant reaction was to switch the channel – which I did – considering I am not the only one working on my floor and my tv is visible to most; and it doesn’t generally felt nice to continue watching…

So I decided to put the question to two friends that I was chatting with on msn and here’s what they had to say:

Question: Do I switch the channel cause there are other people on the floor? Or do I keep watching cause they are old enough?

Cocaine says: keep watching because u are not the only one! heck i would change it for those steamy scenes even! I’d actually call out to my peeps “dudes this chicks getting it on”   but that’s just me.

Kat says: well, you keep on watching because they need a break from the work too :) 

Haha. Allah ka shukar for such fun friends but if you’re reading my blog… what would you do in a situation like that? It’s like watching TV with your Dad and all of a sudden a sanitary napkin ad comes on and you wish the bijli goes out!

grey’s anatomy – at work.

emergency post!!

By the time I press publish on this post, it’ll be 45 hours since Emergency was Imposed on Pakistan by Mush[kill].

  • Quote for life:“Imposing Emergency was the BEST OPTION that Mush had!” – tallass.
  • Intelligence is:“I’ll elect Mush again if I have to. He’s hot and he’s the smartest thing that god made. I’d rather have a military dictator then a fucked up democracy.” – whiteass.
  • Taking what you have for granted is: Knowing the fact that the entire nation is deprived of watching any news channel on TV and actually being able to see someone at work watching “Coffee With Karan” instead of the breaking news every few seconds!
  • Joke on Mush: rumours of Mush[kill]’s own house arrest is the funniest news doing the rounds. Him finding the time to deny the report is the highest joke in my mind.
  • God is watching us:How else can anyone explain the most well-timed Indo-Pak series that gives the hopeless people of Pakistan a reason to cheer and shout in such a tragic time? 

Soundtrack of the day: Black by Pearl Jam.

emergency post!!