Geo toh aisay!

It feels great to be part of the final countdown when the volumes are increased; the seconds are counted down and the entire floor claps-along with Mr. Jeem as we resume transmission after more than 2 months!

Here’s to the protests- the hearings- the loss- the renewed passion… and to the yummy motay motay very healthy well-earned gulab jamuns we got to celebrate with!

Geo Mubarak! :)

Geo toh aisay!

I am a retarcho!

I feel like an 80 year old woman with all this pagalon wala backache. Pehlay Billo boy then Limca Man and now my turn! Just that they got it for manly reasons of picking up heavy dispenser bottles and my pain is due to the bloody girly reasons. Pun intended. Also funny that I picked up these heavy tareen bottles myself when I was home and good for nothing and jobless as ever. Funny cause I was very the champ and didnt hurt my back at all. Allah ka shukar. Main apni taqat ka show bohat maarnay lagi hoon. Hahaha even Mr. Lalloo was shocked when we were at it for 2 hours and I wasnt getting tired with all the hard work we were upto! Please dont think wrongly of this sentence for obvious reasons! Hahaha! Apnay jokes par khud hi huns rahi hoon. Retard!

Khair personal details bhaar main jaain. Today is the 8th of Moharram and so we – myself, baabid and his funky colleagues – decided to check out this new eating place on I.IChundrigar Road. Jabkay we could have easily decided to go to hell instead cause c’mon who eat’s out just before Ashura? Maula – if you’re reading this, we are nice people and just a little mad in the head. Maaf kar dain! I also shall make up for going by not revealing the name of the place! So there you go. Die out of curiosity as long as Maula’s happy! Will I now go to hell for writing all this? Why do we complicate religion so much I fail to understand. Aik point sai doosray point par jump karna to mairay dain haath ka khail hai. Psycho!

Bohat hi koi tafreeh ki and maza aaya with flower and cherries being asked for by one of baabid’s friend! Taubah taubah. Such openness in girls aaj kal. The word sex is used as a joining word these days. Haha I am hysterical right now. Abbu ki birthday hai so raat ko midnight par Bhai came home with flowers and donuts so M being as creative as she is piled the donuts one on top of the other and put the candle in the hole! Hahaha Cheapness. As a family we’ve recently gotten out of love with cakes. Which reminds me of the chocolate mint truffles we had after lunch today and there was like an explosion of mint in our mouths and it was heaven worth Rs.20/truffle compared to the dus rupay ka truffle you get at pie in the sky. Worth it tha waisay bohat bohat bohat!

Anyhoo. Today was a good day and so was yesterday. Allah Mian ka laakh laakh shukar. It’s good to have a fight with a friend and stop talking completely when he appears in your life a year and a half later and calls you and as you pick up the phone he says: i apologize for what happened and you smile and call him a bitch and then an asshole in the same breath and continue to smile endlessly for the rest of the day! A big fat fucking realization moment smack in the middle of the day in your face that you thank Allah Mian for!

Such is life.

I am a retarcho!

Aap Ki Soch Hai!

So much has happened in the past few months! The year has been more than just a roller-coaster ride. Overall – Allah ka shukar hai that I almost survived 2007 with not flying colors but mostly very little of grey and hopefully in 2008 – faith would have only gotten stronger and my strength will be to stop questioning things that are not in our control. I had so many realizations while performing my Umrah and being in the Holy Land for a month during June ’07 – and now I feel like such an ass cause since coming back I’ve let far too many things control me! I just hope those realizations become practices and my way of life.

Erm. I so wanna go Muslim on all of you but I’ll let it pass. Haha! Allah Mian is the Coolest!

H’s visit. Being forced into attending a mehendi to unwind with J boys and N! Lunch at Pompeii. Dinner with booboo! McDonald’s with little one! Smiling away at Billi’s very pregnant self! :D Just the most perfect stuff and by far the best December!

Come January: babies have already started being produced. As predicted in my previous post: M of M&M was the first in delivering the prettiest baby girl! And this Saturday – Abeer Abbas popped out at 12:00 Noon PST! :)

A phone call from Limca Man and a news about the most impressive GPA of 3 point fucking 98 makes me want to live and celebrate life!

Aap Ki Soch Hai!