Geo Pakistan! :)

Priceless Slogan for life-

We’ve done it before. We’ll done it again!” – Muttahida Qehqaha Movement!

HAHAHAHAHAHA – I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s political feelings! This one had to be shared!

Here’s to Feb-18th when the routine since I turned-18 shall repeat: wake up to have an early naashta before dressing up and heading out to vote with AmmiAbbu, Amma Jaan, Bhai and M. Here’s to feeling proud for making an effort and being aware of my right.

Here’s to hope and a veryvery bright future for Pakistan, InshaAllah! 

Random political-joke for the long Election Weekend- National Assembly is like a toilet. People enter with a lot of pressure… take a seat and ultimately drop the matter!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Geo Pakistan! :)

Cheesy Reasons!

Need to remember this for the sake of a song in the making!

Teaser No.1: C ya, reaching.. For and beyond the stars.. Wading, oceans.. To new lands afar .. [10-Feb-08 11:17 pm]

Teaser No.2: For smiling inc.. ‘You’re finding yourself, touching the skies.. No comfort of shackles, that freedom denies…’ [12-Feb-08 8:06 pm]

Cheesy Reasons!

welcome: chinky!

“I am beginning to understand why people have a second baby…” – SJ

True. Oh-so-true for all of us, as we welcome an 8.2 pounds ka mota sa pink sa very cute sa baby who was almost almost born in front of my eyes. Hugs for the all-smiles daddy and a race down the corridor towards the labor room as nurses and hospital staff ran after me to stop me from meeting this ball of love! I quickly turned on the handy-cam and stopped and stood just outside the closed door and looked at them nurses and smiled and with a finger on my lip asked them to be silent for a moment and hear the screams of a minute old baby! The screams announcing his own birth! A bell-jar moment with goose bumps and hugs and tearsofjoy and a little dance move and as I wished and hoped that I was there for EQ’s birth… I told Allah Mian how I am so happy that He let us be there for Dayyan’s…

Allah ka laakh laakh shukar! Bari hi koi achi feeling hoti hai in becoming a khala and if only I can tell these two monkeys how much I love em’

welcome: chinky!