Sacred-Life Day 3

This Sunday – we as a family saw a bigger picture with a better sound. It’s indeed a VERY sacred life – Allah Mian ka laakh laakh shukar!

Enuff said.

Sacred-Life Day 3

Sacred-Life Day 2


Will doctors pronounce me insane and psychotic if I tell the world that I am in love with a ROAD?! That every morning and every evening- I stand by my office window on the 9th floor and look out as a storm of ideas hit me on a daily basis and I smile away like a goofball!

Ooof, I. I. Chundrigar Road- I am glad I know you so well! =)

Sacred-Life Day 2

Sacred-Life Day 1


Sometimes when you can’t give in and can’t give out or can’t get enough… you need to STOP. Breathe-in and breathe-out. You got to give yourself something to dream-on and something to beam-on. You might be tempted in the dark or blinded by the light but you have-to have-to have-to move-on! 

I think that they know that I love them. And I think that they know that I try. And I think that they know that I know that they know.  

This post is for the loved ones who made all this and so much more- possible.

Sacred-Life Day 1

poora ka poora february’

All I did was eat, eat, eat, and eat some more. I ate my own and ate others’ (food and brain!).

It was a month when I wish I was a Punjoo woman who doesn’t even need an excuse to eat. She just eats and eats without reasons! No offense to Punjoo frandsss, I love thee and thee’s language too!

Ammi will give me a tight slap if she reads this. Thinks that ziyaada khaana khaanay ki baat nahi karni chahiyay cause fazool main nazar issues hotay hain and eventually pait kharaab ho jaata hai. Shuroo Karti Hoon Allah Kai Naam Sai! =) Now, there shouldn’t be any issues as such.

Anyhoo- at one of the three jobs I’ve had, I was surrounded by woman who’d always talk about diets and losing some stuff that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. Tikka diets and Green Tea diets and cursing-normal-people-who-eat-reguular-food-diets to make themself feel better were part of a normal/average day. I never got it! I mean Allah ka shukar hai that you’re getting food on your plate a few times during the day and that in itself calls for a dinner! Know what I mean?

So this feb’- I ate with my men and my boys, respectively as well as collectively. We tried hooking up with our cosmo-model-host-hot-sexbomb-friend, time and again but that remained a dream with her busy schedule and meetings et al. However, I didn’t really miss the female aspect of lunch/dinners generally speaking. Khair, at one of the lunch we heard one of us asking if ‘Paalak Paneer’ is a vegetable and then proceeded to call the dietrician to confirm, because tuesday is ‘sabzi day’! WTF? As in WTF: someone I was hanging out with actually didn’t know that ‘Paalak’ is a fucking sabzi? Hahaha joker person who calls himself a director and even with such silly stuff makes us fall in love with him instantly, was hopefully only kidding, or so he justified!

Another classic scene was when one of the man rolled the tissue paper and made it really pointy, toothpick like and then proceeded to clean his EAR! And while the limca-boy got all scandalized, Tim’s lover took faida of the moment and actually started eating from the plate of a person he had never met before! It went to a level where we had to distract Tim’s BF and make him realize that what he’s doing is: w.r.o.n.g! These were time-outs on mostly busy days where we all got together as an excuse to eat but mostly unwind. These were (are!) times when I rediscovered my 18 year-old-self who liked boys better than girls. I love being a girl but I can’t stand some of the emotional and technical flaws (work great for some!) they’re born with!

Today, Kat asked if I get a chance to change one thing about my life right now- what will it be and even thought I could feed my kids better if I have a MacBook (Parul, congrats on yours!), I really couldn’t think of a single thing that I’d like to change in my life right now! Yes, we all want more more more but I am happy with what I have first and its a great feeling.

You know how I truly feel, it’s when you’ve been wanting to take a leak throughout the ride back home and pressing the legs tighter and tighter (Tarantino’s “Death Proof” has a great similar scene in the starting sequence!) and feeling sad at how if you were a man, you could have stopped in a sunsaan gali and written your name on a wall, but you reach home and you get off the car and now you just can’t take it anymore and then you ring the doorbell and curse your sister for taking too long and that YOU REALLY HAVE TO PEE and for a moment you think it’s happening but then you control your mind and you think of random things like the flower in the garden but that doesn’t help and then you RUN and this is it, the final round when your punctuations are not in your control and then you RUSH into the loo and you RUSH SOME MORE and then you take the thrown… the toilet seat and you LET GO… and you smile… YOU DID IT! You didn’t pee in your shalwaar. And that goofy smile defines that moment…

And the same goofy smile sitting alone in the dark loo defines my life right now.

Allah ka shukar!

poora ka poora february’