Power of 2.

2 lies.

I didn’t see your message/call on my phone or skype. When the truth is, I was screening it.

I don’t have enough clothes to take on a trip. Need to stop being a girl just before I board a flight – even local ones like Lahore/Isloo.

2 truths.

I fall in love so easily I embarrass myself sometimes.

Istanbul changed me as a person.

2 dreams.

Very current dream would be to be able to make it to Cambodia, again.

Own a few more lenses and feel more confident about my work.

2 failures.

Of failing as a child for my parents. Many a times. And no, there is no making up for such stuff.

Of letting down AL. It’s a guilt that’ll always stick around.

2 loves.

The man I attended the Bryan Adams concert with.

The other I attended the Metallica concert with.


October 24th. Creative sharing of sorts: The Ostrich and the Bohemian http://on.fb.me/qIprKj

Power of 2.


It’s one of those days when someone has credited money in my bank account and I don’t know who the hell it is.

Must be a client but till I find out, I’m gonna pretend this is hella-awesome.