Starting afresh…

It’s a little past 12 midnight in Fayetteville, Arkansas right now. Decided to make the ‘happy birthday’ call to Annie Baji. Ha! Not realizing that she’s an old bum now and is prolly sleeping. With a husband who is stuck in Pakistan for as long as Ammi has been in US [around ’bout 6 months!] and a month old kid who does nothing but consider his mum to be a cow [for more than just a few reasons!], it’s no surprise that she was sleeping and I did wake her up! She was mumbling and I am not sure if she’d remember this call when she wakes up tomorrow mornin’. Whatever. I was only trying to make her feel special! ;)

Bhaijaan’s birthday ‘surprise’ was a lot better and made me miss the big/old bum so much! I have said this a million times- but really, what’s the point of being a “family” when everyone lives so fucking far away from each other? It really frustrates me.

While we’re talking of birthdays, did you know that it’s true that the song “Happy Birthday to You” is protected by copyright. I didn’t know ’bout this until the adopted one told me. It was also his birthday yesterday! And he prolly got piss drunk at the self-arranged beach party! I wish I could have made it. Little drunk kids make such a fancy sight! No? ;)  

I am around an hour and a half late for a meeting and I really should be off now. The launch plan and tons of other ‘website‘ stuff needs to be finalized today. The agency better feed me a good lunch! A hungry-me is not a good person. Not a good person at all. On second thoughts, I guess I’d run even more late for this meeting and have my almost-noon coffee first. Plus, why can’t the agency and clients work in the same building? It’ll save so much time. Ok. Fine. I am lazy… but… really…!  

On a random note- Faisal Kapadia has a really hot voice.

Starting afresh…