Of birthday cakes, getting mugged and what’s obvious…

Let’s start with the best mugging story to date:

SQ jawaan is doing desi grocery shopping like bread- eggs- milk for the house. He comes out of the dukaan while talking on his cellphone. 2 boys – young, typical karachi boys roaming the city – on a motorbike stop in front of him and ask for his mobile. Without a questions- discussion- or debate the phone is handed over and own seperate ways to respective homes are taken. After hearing the story and our initial concern if he’s okay- we inquire about how he was threatened. “Oh- they just asked for my mobile and I gave it.” WHAT? No guns? Punch? Slap? Galam Galoch? “No… I mean obviously if I had said no, they would have pointed a gun and obviously had I resisted… they would have shot me dead.”

What is so obvious? They could have been boys heading out to play a night match of cricket and on the way stopped to scare a guy or simply fool around? And were prolly as surprised if not more on getting a cellphone that they didnt expect or deserve! Must’ve sold it and went to highway post-match and treated everyone to a nice dinner.

And then we come to the cake mugging highlight of the day’

It’s bossette no. 2’s birthday –

bossette; a term originally coined by khizzy – for 2 ladies that I ended up working for after khizzy got on my case! ;) and who run a radio which is a sister (baby) concern of the agency k works for! Have I fecked your mind yet? ;) Khizzy – who i was chatting with earlier today and mentioned how every post i want to blog these blog-happy days, somehow or the other ends up being related to her and at that hour none of us imagined the cake or what could follow on bossette no. 2’s birthday –

Bi is supposed to go to a famous bakery shop – in the same neighborhood – known for their exceptionally delicious cakes to get one for bossette no.2 to cut post-birthday lunch. He walks into the shop while the rest of the office takes care of setting up the lunch. Things we do to get a raise and perks at work of being in higher management’s good book! ;) So he walks in and is faced with a gun being pointed towards him and another buyer who happened to be a woman and was panicking – like women are supposed to at such times – and managing to scare my friend Bi more than that gun perhaps. Now comes the obvious part that we discussed in the earlier story: don’t resist as there IS a gun and hand over whatever you got. Lucky friend who is doing well for himself unluckily had: ‘hard earned cash, iPhone & watch’ on him which had to ‘obviously’ be parted with.

After reading his facebook status and that of another friend who works there – I did freak out like we always do at such times and asked the first obvious question: Are you okay? Which fortunately he is. He wants me to keep safe and how this is so pathetic. I think there is no such thing as ‘keeping safe’. It’s all about keeping one’s faith strong in Allah- God- Hanuman- Jesus- Whoever keeps you going and helps you get out of the house despite the fact that there is no fool-proof plan and you could be stepping out of the house for the very last time and meeting God sooner than you thought you would. And how no place in this world is ‘safe-enough’ anymore – your house, your car, your office, shopping mall, mosques, church, no place is death-proof! Which is a title of a movie that you HAVE to watch.

So my last obvious question: was there a birthday cake after all this drama? No event is worth giving-up the birthday cake for. I’ve been told that there were two.

Happy Birthday Shazzness!

Of birthday cakes, getting mugged and what’s obvious…

of blogging, photography, and wondering if i piss you off.

Twitches or tics in the left eye means a noblemen will come to see you. If the right it means you will be invited to a party or feast. I am waiting for a noblemen to come say hi. I don’t know what might be taking him so long.

So I am stalking someone’s blog and for no reason at all got inspired by all that writing that was going on. A foreplay. The words that mean absolutely nothing to me but yet got me hooked and keep pressing ‘older posts’ option. I am in year 2006 so just one more year of archive left. It’s a sad, sad thing that I don’t blog anymore. Getting a namebased url was a bad idea afterall. Khizzy blogged something similar about being out there and so many people being able to google and all that crap. What can/should we hide? How much is too much for the web world and the web people to know? Why can’t people remain silent readers if they have nothing to say or contribute? Why must they be all fucked up and walk up to you and start a convo with a ‘so you blog?’ typa retard question. If you know who you are: feck you for wearing floral shirts and walking past my system almostalways staring at my screen.

So all I talk about nowadays is photography- photos- cameras- equipment- photographers- and places and people i’d like to photograph and its how i start and end my conversations and i am not even exceptional and i am basically just wondering if i have begun to piss people off…

Blogger is not blocked at work anymore. Should have asked for something more intimate. Who knows qabooliyat ka waqt kab hai.

of blogging, photography, and wondering if i piss you off.

Freedom of expression, my arse.

Aik toh waisay hee I blog kam kam. Oopar sai manhoos sab kuch blocked hai from work. I mean I would prolly waste less time if they had facebook/youtube unblocked at work than now – when all I do is search for kproxy type websites which would allow me to atleast browse and not miss out latest status updates! :p

Then now they have blocked blogger apparently. What bullshit.

Freedom of expression, my arse.